Thursday, January 27, 2011

random email from my dad.

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This house that I photographed was recently featured on Deadly Women.

This is the Winnie Ruth Judd murder house where she allegedly murdered 2 girlfriends in the summer of 1931.

Someone helped her to cut up the bodies and pack them into steamer trunks. Winnie was caught with the trunks in LA.

The rumor was that this house was torn down many years ago. The house is located at 2947 N. 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ.

After the police allowed the owner/landlord to have the house back after the investigation, he opened it for tours and charged admission. Hundreds if not a few thousand toured it. The killings made national news.



thanks, dad.


mle jean said...

I have heard of these stories but I didn't know the house was still there...crazy!! I want to drive by.

B said...

i had never heard the stories. i want to go by too! it's pretty close to me, i'll have to check it out soon.