Wednesday, January 19, 2011

frat house located inside a barn next to a brothel

is where i work and where my co-worker amber was born but this is not news.

this morning i was standing in the kitchen at work, quietly pouring coffee into my cup when i heard a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass coming from the owner's office directly outside the door. this is not that unusual and i didn't look up until i noticed people rushing in there and pulling the other owner out, red-faced and struggling. they had a fight and one tackled the other and started beating him into the floor. still not really sure what it was about but perhaps our company will be liquidated and i can go live on the floor of my gangmate's apartment in san francisco (fine - oakland).

i didn't realize how numbed i had become to the crazy atmosphere at work until one afternoon in a grocery store. a guy a couple of aisles down had a seizure and took out some shelves of items as he fell. people were screaming. i continued to idle along my way, only dimly registering the ruckus, and didn't realize that something had actually happened until i tried to walk past them. over two years of ignoring screaming, fighting, cubicle-jumping, vomiting, drinking and feats of strength at work has completely killed off my natural reaction to human panic and alert sounds! if this was the wild i would probably die.


mle jean said...

wow, that is a little awesome and totally crazy. sounds like it would make a great tv show. where do you work?

B said...

a healthcare staffing agency. looks very corporate from the outside, for extra irony.

Anonymous said...

When you mentioned violence, I was going to guess you worked in fashion. Some real piece's of work in that there biz.