Monday, January 24, 2011

before the brain has hardened

Oh I love this tumblr: teenagebedroom.

Kids are so scary obsessive, like the bedroom with 30 pictures of Julian Lennon. And there's nothing like the ridiculous juxtaposition of leftover glossy white childhood furniture sets now graffitied or covered in angry jaded teenager accessories.

My favorites.

My bedroom was constantly full of stuff, cds, old food plates, garbage. There was nowhere to step. I would just make small clearings on the floor to sit on and do whatever I did. Reading, making mix tapes, cutting magazines apart. Candle wax was melted into the carpet. I was so busy all the time, focused completely on personal pursuits and living inside my head. I wouldn't hang out with my friends after school and usually didn't want them to come over either. I just wanted to be alone to write or sit in the dark listening to stuff like this.

My friend Vickie's room was the opposite, it was like a furnished dorm. She kept nothing. She had a bed, a dresser, and I think there was one photo of Courtney Love taped to the wallpaper by her light switch. A couple of cds splayed on the floor. I've always envied people who don't want to keep anything. Stuff is such torture.

Also this is the best flickr set:

monkeylaundry: goth past


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