Monday, February 28, 2011

Keith's gravelly velvety voice.

I can't embed for some reason, but here's a link.

Teri Gross is the most annoying interviewer ever with her constant stumbling over her words and grunts and gasps as she struggles. She still gets a pass, but goddamn.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Patron Saint

"I am made to live alone." JB

Li li li li li li li

mercedes sosa is amazing.

No homework Sunday

the desert is beyond beautiful today. rain always does this. the air is fresh and cold and everything is in technicolor. i practiced trying to walk silently, disturbing nothing, but it was difficult. so i laid myself down on fractured pieces of green shale that looked like tile on the desert floor and thought about absolutely nothing, and it was incredible.

blogger is acting all crazy with photos. i can't deal with it because i've already forgotten how to use the internet and i don't have the patience to fuck around with this stuff. the cool thing about being newly unused to reading blogs and other internet randomness for hours at a time is when i do try to now, i'm immediately disinterested. i just want to spy on/pick on friends and look for zuni rings on fuckin' ebay, DAMN.

i'm going to go get lost in the desert again. i'm not a very good outdoorsman because i do things like wander for an hour from one trail to the next or off trails until i realize that i will need to figure out where i started at some point. luckily i happened to walk in a giant circle today. i guess i could have used google maps to save myself! the internet vindicates itself once again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a smile fell into the grass

but i still feel amazing. weird-amazing is still amazing.


I have been unable to set up my wifi for two or three weeks. Result, I have inadvertently weaned myself off of the internet. Obviously this is a generally good thing except for the fact that I pay eight hundred thousand dollars American per semester to attend classes...ONLINE.

Lux is my main coffeeshop but there are so many little hip children there with their ipads and laptops that the internet speed is pretty much AOL circa 1996. It's about as bad as accessing the internet on a phone, which is more or less the most irritating and pointless thing ever[1].

Anyway my main sadness about this whole "living in the real world only" thing is my very random youtube life playlist. I cannot listen to any of this stuff at home anymore and it is painin' me. Portishead at Roseland, Bowie in '73, Marvin Gaye live, Gabor Szabo covering Lee Hazlewood, obscure psychedelic rock from bands that never went anywhere like Creme Soda and the Third Power...this stuff is not in my itunes!!! And I need it to live my life.

[1] this would be referred to as a "piss-pants luxury problem"

Friday, February 18, 2011

2nd brightest of the year

Little famine moon. Doesn't feel much like famine right now.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Loved these dogs. Lying there looking like a couple of fat arctic wolves, motionless except for lazy breaths and fur flitting around in the wind. Outside of Walden Pond Books in Oakland.

I was sick for most of the time that I was in San Francisco, which was really unfortunate and awful. I did have one good day. The last two times I've been there have been so magic-free, though. I loved it when I was younger. What happened? Maybe I just need to go when the desert is on fire again.

I'm having a serious twentysomething or death-induced existential crisis at this time. Although I do think it will end positively.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanna go back

Life has been difficult lately. Personal problems, I've been sick forever, strange Guatemalan-style coup at work... That's really a short story in itself but the summary is half the company defected to an illegal, made-up "new" company sans all the necessary licensing (healthcare) and which was still running all its financials through this one. They stole workstations over the weekend and a few days later they stole all the servers too. That was dramatic, with my boss running around frantically on the phone with the police and lawyers while 5 guys from our new ~satellite office~ formed a human wall around the server room as an outside IT guy packed it all up. That stopped business completely, but it seems to have been worked to a temporary truce state at this point. I had assumed that it would go to court and that assets and jobs would be frozen until the bitter divorce was over, but we are back online now.

Things are generally terrible which is why I am spending all of my free time watching Alex videos. I love Alex.

When he asked for a banana but was offered a nut, he would either ignore it or throw it back at the trainer, screaming "Banana!!" He called his first apple a "banerry" because he was more accustomed to either bananas or cherries. After being asked to name the colors of so many objects, he eventually asked what color he was, and learned the color gray. HE ASKED WHAT COLOR HE IS. I can't get over this.

He says "wanna go back" (to his cage) when he's tired of being tested. Go back?

After watching so many parrot videos, I am now using a parrot voice at work sometimes. This fixes a lot of things.