Sunday, May 23, 2010


what?! NEWS TO ME.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the brightest luminaries in my list of favorite personalities and eccentrics is Carole Lombard. Tragic and beautiful, one of the most magnetic combinations, although I would in no way call her life tragic - just her death.

Other than being a miniature-sized tomboy with a penchant for blue language, she also happened to be an icily beautiful blonde with an unlikely flair for comedy. Seems that everyone who met her raved about her unpretentious and charming ways.

I think her whole life was interesting. She was married to Bill Powell, for god's sake. She's like the thinking woman's Jean Harlow (ouch, sorry Jean). Incidentally, Jean spent some time with Bill as well. You can see Carole and Bill getting along amicably post-divorce in My Man Godfrey. It comes recommended.

Carole was in a pretty bad car accident early in her career and had to undergo reconstructive facial surgery because of it. She did this without anesthetic as the belief of the day was that anesthetics caused worse scarring. Sorry, but THEY PUT HER FACE BACK TOGETHER WITH NO DRUGS. SHE WAS AWAKE. That's...pretty serious business.

Eventually she fell for loser Clark Gable, whose caddishness was probably lessened greatly by his relationship with Carole, however not enough to prevent rumors of an affair with Lana Turner a couple of years into the marriage. Carole had a particularly strong sense of American patriotism and was touring the country selling war bonds with her mother at the time. She caught wind of this affair and insisted that she and her mother fly back to Hollywood immediately, so immediately that instead of waiting for a commercial flight, she managed to get two seats on a military plane headed west. Her mother pleaded that they take a train due to a recent dark premonition about flying, but Carole wouldn't have it.

The plane went down somewhere over Nevada and everyone on board was killed. Carole was posthumously awarded a medal of freedom in 1942 by Roosevelt and called the first woman killed in action in WWII for her support.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh this tumblr is right up my alley. that's how i feel about the victorians too: fuck yeah!

and this one.

honestly, i'm still a little perplexed by tumblr. it's like a blog...just for photos? which are never credited and are constantly stolen by other tumblr users? ok. all i know is keep it coming with the creepy photos of swedish models in furs riding one-eyed wolves by the light of the moon, and shit.
Best cover. Best Cure era.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Went to the Bikeen for the first time in a while. They had the swamp running - must be the first time I've been in a swamp-cooled place in a long time. The slightly moist coolness and the smell took me right back to my grandmother's house as a child. She held out against a regular a/c until '89 or '90...Unbelievable in Phoenix, but yanno, "the greatest generation" and all that, Tom Brokaw wasn't kidding. She was no puss. Anyway it was a very welcome sensation and rather nostalgic.

I think I had a dream about this shop. Magical marshmallow creampuff confection of sickeningly sweet supplies.

First Friday is now a cordoned-off street fair for minors.

The "chapel shot" is comprised of cheap, off-brand whiskey and a dirty bullet. Can't be havin' with that.

Neither can Cindy.

Arm-wrassling. Cindy beat my ass twice, instantly, and then asked, "...Really?" I've become soft, but it ends here.
I feel like I just posted this video a couple of months ago. Did I? Who cares. I wish it played on the insides of my eyelids.

I love Patty Pravo doing this song and Donyale Luna is mesmerizing.

And while I am on youtube instead of working, here is a tender clip from one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Came to Dinner. The situation: Bette's character is a lonely spinster workaholic who has suddenly and unexpectedly come into the possession of a love life! Her needy employer is not pleased.

Classic. "I have. Everyone has. They love it."

Friday, May 7, 2010

I love these two for different reasons.


ACLU fact sheet: myths about immigrants - In case you were wondering.

But let me move to more enjoyable things, like George Harrison. Specifically, George Harrison on Dick Cavett. It's been a while since I've mentioned Dick. I wonder what he's doing right now. I think he is reading a book.

These are a must-watch. There are more parts on youtube.

I love how terribly normal and uncomfortable he seems. He doesn't necessarily want to be there, but the magic of Cavett evidently lured him. If he can get Hepburn he can get Harrison. George has a very subtle and dry sense of humor, dry so that it probably made most people a little uncomfortable, wondering if he was serious, what he meant.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


For sale! $5,000.

I wear this Dickensian sweater to work to be annoying and make remarks about raises. Surprisingly, no reply.

Oh god, vinyl cushions.

New ring/smashing kittle's head

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have started watching The L Word.

In accordance with character-picking custom, I have decided that I am Marina. This variety is much preferable to Sex & the City in which you had to decide if were a SHREW/successful, a WHORE/sexually liberated, a PRUDE/innocent or a FLAKE/free-spirited. Can't one be all of the above?!

That is all.

Monday, May 3, 2010

luxury problems

The aux situation in my car seems to be broken, so I can't listen to my ipod. Or, not without some kind of accompaniment that sounds like...lots of crickets, on fire.

I have tons of cds rattling around in my glovebox, all of which are OLD. Somewhere in there is the first cd I ever bought, which was a collection of Jimi Hendrix's greatest hits. The stereo won't even read it. I'm hard on my things. Anyway, listening to very old cds is entertaining and disturbing. I'm instantly transported to whenever I first made a memory listening to this or that song.





God the 90s were so much better, musically. Am I just saying that because I'm from there? Also, I forgot that Jarvis Cocker has the greatest voice of all time, and that Blood Roses was supposed to be my favorite song until I died and how great Suede is and how much I like the name Ambersunshower.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Born to Kill

Finally saw this. Classic noir, '47.

Awesome! This image from here. So much gorgeous period typography.

Lawrence Tierney, wow. Love the scene where he's waiting in the darkened kitchen for his girl's new paramour. The poor little guy didn't know what he was dealing with, and the violence, though muffled for the code, is still a little sickening! It continues when Helen finds the bodies, shocking but obscured in shadows, and bails without a word. What a cold little snake!

Photos from this review. This movie has officially entered my library of favs.

si se puede

guess how i feel about this. this being sb 1070, the biggest deal in phoenix since it hit 122 degrees in 1990.

it is interesting to collect the opinions of my friends and family, i guess. this is, for once, a social and political issue that everyone has an opinion on. no "shrug, it doesn't matter/affect me/count anyway" remarks.

i feel semi-confident that this bill will be found to be constitutionally unsound. arizona is constantly trailblazing with the extremism, but the buck has to stop somewhere. jan brewer is the same piece of shit who had nearly 100,000 mexican names purged from voter rolls or rejected when they registered to vote back in '04-'05. she claimed she was cracking down on voter fraud, that is, illegals registering to vote. out of ALL of these people who found themselves unable to vote (oh and they found out at the polls, not in advance), NONE WERE ACTUALLY UNFIT TO VOTE. they were all american citizens. why would she do this? because the nasty old shrew knows that mexicans overwhelmingly vote democrat. was this little gem from pearce as well?

i will never understand the absurdly self-indulgent, baseless hatred of entire races of other people. the hypocrisy of a bunch of non-arizona-natives COMING HERE and then wanting to kick out all the brown people threatens to make all of my blood shoot out of the top of my head. people do not understand history, they do not understand where they live or what events conspired to bring us to the present. and worse, they do not care. this is a border state and it is subject to all of the drama, politics and difficulties that entails. how i wish these lily white bermuda short wearing elderly schutzstaffel retirees would just get the fuck out of here themselves.