Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanna go back

Life has been difficult lately. Personal problems, I've been sick forever, strange Guatemalan-style coup at work... That's really a short story in itself but the summary is half the company defected to an illegal, made-up "new" company sans all the necessary licensing (healthcare) and which was still running all its financials through this one. They stole workstations over the weekend and a few days later they stole all the servers too. That was dramatic, with my boss running around frantically on the phone with the police and lawyers while 5 guys from our new ~satellite office~ formed a human wall around the server room as an outside IT guy packed it all up. That stopped business completely, but it seems to have been worked to a temporary truce state at this point. I had assumed that it would go to court and that assets and jobs would be frozen until the bitter divorce was over, but we are back online now.

Things are generally terrible which is why I am spending all of my free time watching Alex videos. I love Alex.

When he asked for a banana but was offered a nut, he would either ignore it or throw it back at the trainer, screaming "Banana!!" He called his first apple a "banerry" because he was more accustomed to either bananas or cherries. After being asked to name the colors of so many objects, he eventually asked what color he was, and learned the color gray. HE ASKED WHAT COLOR HE IS. I can't get over this.

He says "wanna go back" (to his cage) when he's tired of being tested. Go back?

After watching so many parrot videos, I am now using a parrot voice at work sometimes. This fixes a lot of things.

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Zito said...

holy crap - that bird brain blows my man mind!