Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have been unable to set up my wifi for two or three weeks. Result, I have inadvertently weaned myself off of the internet. Obviously this is a generally good thing except for the fact that I pay eight hundred thousand dollars American per semester to attend classes...ONLINE.

Lux is my main coffeeshop but there are so many little hip children there with their ipads and laptops that the internet speed is pretty much AOL circa 1996. It's about as bad as accessing the internet on a phone, which is more or less the most irritating and pointless thing ever[1].

Anyway my main sadness about this whole "living in the real world only" thing is my very random youtube life playlist. I cannot listen to any of this stuff at home anymore and it is painin' me. Portishead at Roseland, Bowie in '73, Marvin Gaye live, Gabor Szabo covering Lee Hazlewood, obscure psychedelic rock from bands that never went anywhere like Creme Soda and the Third Power...this stuff is not in my itunes!!! And I need it to live my life.

[1] this would be referred to as a "piss-pants luxury problem"

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