Sunday, February 27, 2011

No homework Sunday

the desert is beyond beautiful today. rain always does this. the air is fresh and cold and everything is in technicolor. i practiced trying to walk silently, disturbing nothing, but it was difficult. so i laid myself down on fractured pieces of green shale that looked like tile on the desert floor and thought about absolutely nothing, and it was incredible.

blogger is acting all crazy with photos. i can't deal with it because i've already forgotten how to use the internet and i don't have the patience to fuck around with this stuff. the cool thing about being newly unused to reading blogs and other internet randomness for hours at a time is when i do try to now, i'm immediately disinterested. i just want to spy on/pick on friends and look for zuni rings on fuckin' ebay, DAMN.

i'm going to go get lost in the desert again. i'm not a very good outdoorsman because i do things like wander for an hour from one trail to the next or off trails until i realize that i will need to figure out where i started at some point. luckily i happened to walk in a giant circle today. i guess i could have used google maps to save myself! the internet vindicates itself once again.

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