Friday, October 2, 2009

more fun than the bar? maybe. it's progressed quite a bit and that purple "wash-out" ink has disappeared, so i'm working blind. but i can't find the usb for my camera.

what should i do with it? this is my 3rd attempt and i think i'm ready to make what i really want: a wardrobe ripped right off of frida kahlo's back, a rainbow of puffy embroidered flowers and vines and little skulls growing out of flowers.

normally i regret making purchases, not passing them up...but sometimes i go through periods of hyper-frugality in which i will deny myself items that i know i have to have. one such item was an early 60s copy of arizona highways found in some antique store in wickenburg. on the cover was the most beautiful mexican girl with the requisite sweet face and glossy black hair everywhere, leaning on a fence or something in a full skirt and peasant shirt covered in said embroidery and looking like the most inspirational thing ever. i am sure the goddamned magazine was less than $10 and i told myself, i'm gonna wannnt this later...... and still, i resisted. damn it! i guess i could find it online, maybe.

last summer someone in my mother's condo complex either must have died or gone through an incredible purging period, because i found huge stacks of vintage arizona highways backissues starting in the early 60s on through the 90s sitting next to the dumpster. i still don't know what to do with them. it's too big...i have to think carefully first before i go tearing them apart.

i guess first on the list would be getting them out of my ex-boyfriends house!

i need to make some kind of effort to make clothing more of an exceptional occassion than just fulfilling some utilitarian need.

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