Tuesday, October 20, 2009


someone mentioned this short to me and i remembered the jingle "onetwothree FOUR FIVE sixseveneight NINE TEN eleven twelve" instantly.

awesome? basically. early childhood shows are embedded in my brain. like the crayon factory short (i wanted to work there, in spite of the dour hairnetted employees) and the one about the mexican concha pastry things. did i make that up? the cookies that look like snails, i don't know.
which reminds me, i need a churro immediately. i'll get one at the fair to make up for all of the awesome terrible fried foods i can't have now that i can't eat dairy. in fact i probably can't have a churro either, but i probably will anyway.

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wool and misc said...

damn, totally remember this, too. there's something exciting, yet completely disappointing about the fair.