Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Signed a lease on a new apartment today. I am excited, as it's almost exactly what I want/need aside from being slightly small. The additional benefits outweigh this, though. Consider: backyard for the dog, lemon tree that the owner said is ANNOYING because it has such huge crops every year (wtf? this alone is a dealmaker) and a crotchety 90-something old woman neighbor who used to sing in bars in the 30s and still does once a week at karaoke. Word is she still puts down a pitcher of beer each time, too. New BFF! I hear she's mean.

Oh and it's cheap.

So then I decided it was time to get a bike since I will be closer to Lux. Then I noticed that the new Postino is right on the corner of my brother's street which means getting day drunk on $5 glasses of wine on the weekends and hilarious bike rides home. What? If I get a bike DUI I swear to god I will firebomb this entire state. Or, fine, just the county. Urban sprawl getting you down? Let me take care of that.

Then I found this perfect bike:

It is not mine yet. Maybe tomorrow.

So October is good so far. I am too skeptical to really have fun with this sort of thing, but I read some extensive horoscope for October for me and I am choosing to believe it as much as I possibly can, because it is so encouraging.

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skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

cute bike! you should do the Tour De Fat Tire. You will have to post pics of your new digs. I had a great place down on 16th st and Willeta for a while. It had a big yard and a doggy door for $525..but the whole yard was dirt so the house was always dirty and two pit's terrorized my dogs. My Ruby now has ALL her canine's chipped bcuz of them.