Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i watched before night falls last night. holy fuck. i am not a typical movie buff, i do not care about directors and i don't normally care to discuss that kind of shit, but this movie is a masterpiece. so incredibly subtle. i can't really describe it. but there's something about the way people and works of art dwell on and tout their details. the way people brag about their origins, go out of their ways to illustrate the finer points of their beauty or why they are more remarkable than the rest of us...i can't really figure out how i want to articulate it. but this movie doesn't make a big deal about cuba, a big deal about this man's wretched childhood, a big deal about anything but he and his writing. no glorifying or beautifully gritty shots of havana, no excessive reveling in the era other than a focus on the society and social relations. i guess i won't worry about spoilers as this movie is like 8 years old, but in the end when you realize he has aids, it's a fast slap in the face and the rest of the movie is too fast and unnerving, like the disease, out of control roller coaster car. and then the very end - again, fuck. so sudden and horrifying. i cried. for a while! i have been thinking about it all day.

also, javier bardem? particularly bangable.

i am bored. i am unable to spend money due to last week's excesses. i need to avoid things that are bad for me, but, again, boredom creates stupid situations and behavior. for me, anyway. but, i am avoiding them.

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