Sunday, May 2, 2010

si se puede

guess how i feel about this. this being sb 1070, the biggest deal in phoenix since it hit 122 degrees in 1990.

it is interesting to collect the opinions of my friends and family, i guess. this is, for once, a social and political issue that everyone has an opinion on. no "shrug, it doesn't matter/affect me/count anyway" remarks.

i feel semi-confident that this bill will be found to be constitutionally unsound. arizona is constantly trailblazing with the extremism, but the buck has to stop somewhere. jan brewer is the same piece of shit who had nearly 100,000 mexican names purged from voter rolls or rejected when they registered to vote back in '04-'05. she claimed she was cracking down on voter fraud, that is, illegals registering to vote. out of ALL of these people who found themselves unable to vote (oh and they found out at the polls, not in advance), NONE WERE ACTUALLY UNFIT TO VOTE. they were all american citizens. why would she do this? because the nasty old shrew knows that mexicans overwhelmingly vote democrat. was this little gem from pearce as well?

i will never understand the absurdly self-indulgent, baseless hatred of entire races of other people. the hypocrisy of a bunch of non-arizona-natives COMING HERE and then wanting to kick out all the brown people threatens to make all of my blood shoot out of the top of my head. people do not understand history, they do not understand where they live or what events conspired to bring us to the present. and worse, they do not care. this is a border state and it is subject to all of the drama, politics and difficulties that entails. how i wish these lily white bermuda short wearing elderly schutzstaffel retirees would just get the fuck out of here themselves.

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mle jean said...

well said! this subject brings out the Tasmanian devil in me, those bermuda short wearing ignorant geriatrics need to more to flordia or mars. lets hope this embarrassment gets squished like a bug very soon.