Saturday, May 8, 2010

I feel like I just posted this video a couple of months ago. Did I? Who cares. I wish it played on the insides of my eyelids.

I love Patty Pravo doing this song and Donyale Luna is mesmerizing.

And while I am on youtube instead of working, here is a tender clip from one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Came to Dinner. The situation: Bette's character is a lonely spinster workaholic who has suddenly and unexpectedly come into the possession of a love life! Her needy employer is not pleased.

Classic. "I have. Everyone has. They love it."


Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha ha "shut your nasty lil face" i'm surprised you didn't tell me this last night after giving away your you know whats he he. Tho this could be good. I have an idea of how to use this to our advantage for scheming free drinks from boys but you have to be a part of my plan.. i mean THEY have to be a part of my plan.

Brittany said...

haha. you dickhead.