Monday, May 3, 2010

luxury problems

The aux situation in my car seems to be broken, so I can't listen to my ipod. Or, not without some kind of accompaniment that sounds like...lots of crickets, on fire.

I have tons of cds rattling around in my glovebox, all of which are OLD. Somewhere in there is the first cd I ever bought, which was a collection of Jimi Hendrix's greatest hits. The stereo won't even read it. I'm hard on my things. Anyway, listening to very old cds is entertaining and disturbing. I'm instantly transported to whenever I first made a memory listening to this or that song.





God the 90s were so much better, musically. Am I just saying that because I'm from there? Also, I forgot that Jarvis Cocker has the greatest voice of all time, and that Blood Roses was supposed to be my favorite song until I died and how great Suede is and how much I like the name Ambersunshower.

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