Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have started watching The L Word.

In accordance with character-picking custom, I have decided that I am Marina. This variety is much preferable to Sex & the City in which you had to decide if were a SHREW/successful, a WHORE/sexually liberated, a PRUDE/innocent or a FLAKE/free-spirited. Can't one be all of the above?!

That is all.


Janine said...

I LOVE (and agree with!) the way you broke down the SATC girls. I'm a big fan of the show/movie/s but the girls are major stereotypes. I especially hate how much I want to like Carrie, yet they make her so damn flaky and self-centered.

I do wish you'd given more of an explanation of what you love about The L Word so that I could consider getting into it. :)

Brittany said...

Hey Janine,
It's early for me to feel qualified to analyze it as I have only started watching it! But so far I have to say that it's super sharp and irreverent, which I like. Definitely not as 2-D as S&TC. I finally started watching because my best friend is obsessed with it and I need to understand what the hell she's talking about. :)