Friday, December 25, 2009


week two of this cold/sinus infection. it's starting to make me a little crazed. i feel 5% better every day, which isn't a great improvement.

HAH! someone recently pointed out to me that i constantly use percentages to describe any manner of thing or status. i guess i just proved that.

there's the cat.

how i loved this. i left albuquerque late and had no time to be dicking around with yelp trying to find the perfect coffee shop. enter mcdonoz. how happy was i when i walked in to see that the place was packed with octogenarians, most of whom were wearing commemorative WWII baseball caps. they were arguing and sassing and shaking newspapers at each other as i waited in line.

the fashion serial killer and i went out for a quiet drink on sunday and somehow ended up getting completely hammered and staying out most of the night. monday was not a good day. but the swizzle was all lit up like christmas in vegas, as evidenced in the pic below of the random bar patron. i felt like i was going to have an epileptic fit...if i had epilepsy.

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