Monday, December 7, 2009


giant is one of my favorite movies, and not based on the integrity of the thing as a whole. the entire point of interest to me (and the rest of the planet) is james dean as jett rink. it's impossible to not instantly feel that slinky dog quiet raw pain of his, and yet it's not overacted at all. that makes one of you, rock hudson. in the end, it's hard for me to accept him as a middle aged jett, but the crusty, miserable self-abusive routine makes it convincing enough.

i don't usually realize that i've fallen for a movie until i find myself thinking about it later.

my favorite movie of allllllll time (gone with the wind is sort of the figurehead of this subject, but that's another story) is A FACE IN THE CROWD. a kazan film that fairly tanked when it came out, even though it was so forward for its time. a very sharp and unromantic look at america, advertising, television, fame, corruptive relationships, crowds. andy griffith is lonesome roads. i cannot believe what an incredible actor he was, SO GOOD, and oddly really magnetic and dynamic. he's such a dirty dog and so charming about it although lacking most traditional types of charm. tell you what, it feels kind of strange to be hot for andy of mayberry. patricia neal was great in this movie as well. i love the way he is constantly shouting in this movie.

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Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

I love james dean..........I will also have to add that flick of kazan's to my netflix.I don't recall seeing it.