Saturday, December 19, 2009

I drove out to Albuquerque this week for a friend's birthday. I like solo road trips because I can indulge all of my annoying behaviors, like having to pee every 45 minutes and wanting to stop and look at EVERYTHING.

Twin Arrows! The light was awful, and I am lazy. Took shitty pics like this all day long. I was surprised to see the arrows have been restored recently. I thought the place had been abandoned longer than 11 years...looks longer. A metal sheet closing off one of the kitchen doors had been pried up and away...I wanted to go inside, but chose to be prudent for once due to being out there on my own. Too many movies have left me a little wary out by ramshackle rural places.

Holbrook isn't a nice place.

I loved the El Rancho in Gallup. Everyone stayed there, even Tom Mix! oh, damn.

Around Window Rock. This was definitely the most picturesque spot on the route. Really gorgeous area. I got waylaid at a trading post talking to a kid who was shipped up there by his parents from Tucson after he got into trouble selling drugs for MS 13. Now he sells $5 rugs and hangs out in Gallup. There are worse things.

Albuquerque, in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.

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Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

oh man, i really want to see those arrows.. how long was the drive to that area?