Tuesday, December 1, 2009

in other news, i'm going to albuquerque in two weeks. i'm going to freeze to death! growing up in arizona is a disability - no one ever gets used to the heat, but i also have no ability to withstand cold, and any time i experience humidity of any kind, i think i'm going to pass out and die instantly. plus the lingering moistness feels pretty disgusting.

every night during a stay in new orleans, my bed felt damp. maybe it was inhabited by the ghost of someone who died from the humidity. either way i have no idea how to handle that shit.

i need to figure out some good places to stop. i've never been to holbrook, so i'll have to look for the wigwam.

i filled up the bike's tires tonight. i was a little confused given that the tires said 65 PSI which seems uh, a little...high. was that 6.5? it was dark! my car takes 34! i think they've both got holes anyway, so i'll check them in the morning and see if they held up.

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