Monday, November 30, 2009


this is a really good excuse to go to the SAS store. every time i go, i want to buy lots and lots of RIBBON. i don't, because i don't know what the hell to do with it. this will be a good weekend project.

horse ribbon how-to. i'll make myself at least a few to honor my childhood champ rider days, like the time i was bucked off, or the time i was crushed into a fence, or the other time when horse+i almost crashed through a fence, etc., etc.

my ex-step-aunt had a gigantic quarter horse named "gnarly dude." they were rodeo people and gnarly was a star in team roping. one dusty afternoon (in casa grande) i was seated atop gnarly dude, minding my business, planning only to just sit and watch while they practiced roping. once the cow darted out of the chute, gnarly just did what felt natural and took off after him at a full gallop down the length of the arena, headed straight for the fence and raw desert behind it. somehow in my total confusion at suddenly moving 30 miles an hour, i leaned forward on his neck to grab the reins that i had thrown up in surprise, and only managed to get ahold of the right side, which i gave a vicious yank. he instantly turned right - into the cow chute, where he ambled along docilely until my step-aunt's weatherbeaten old 70 year old cowboy husband pulled me off before i peed the saddle. evidently randomly pulling right instead of left was what saved me from certain death or injury, because gnarly was afraid to run in the chute.

that's my story about almost getting myself killed at age 10 on a horse 17 hands high. maybe i'll make a ribbon and put GNARLY on one streamer and DUDE on the other. eh?

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Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

ha ha oh shit!i'll have to tell you my horse story. it's not as cool as yours tho. you should def make that ribbon and have it say gnarly dude. I love design sponge!