Monday, November 2, 2009

can't hold a smile

halloween at work with the girls.

i've been watching grey gardens a lot over the past two days again. "everything's good that you didn't do." big edie reminds me of my grandma alyce over and over. i love the silent shot of little edie walking over to a steadily growing hole in the wall and floor where raccoons were tearing at the house. she throws a loaf of bread to them in the hole, not resentful, just taking care of them because they're alive and they're there. no concern for propriety or whatever the decent folk are doing. bring me that life asap!

heldt lumber. i've always had a soft spot for this place. the man who owned my dad's old house before he did, fred fuller, worked there. he was a very eccentric old man with cabinets full of awesome treasures for me to go through as a kid. when he died, his daughter sold the house and everything in it, and my dad kept it all! cigar boxes full of pipes, poker sets, office supplies from the 60s, stamp collections, boxes of bullets, old decks of cards, and, most importantly to me at the time, paper. hundreds of pads of paper half of which bore the letterhead of heldt lumber and the other half of santa fe railroads. he must've worked for them, too. boxes of these pads of paper on which i scribbled endless stories and pictures. over a period of five years i used every pad. anyway, i noticed recently that they put up this awesome installation on the side of the building, subtly spelling out the company name in the wood. can you see it? H E L D T. the wood was green when they put it up and now it's deepening. i should increase the contrast so it's obvious, but i'm too lazy to fire photoshop up.

love this cat at hollywood regency. shit! i almost forgot about the cat at metro retro. this thing reminded me of some kind of 70s sci fi movie. a huge, angular white cat with one green eye and one so icy blue it looked white. it was so austere and angled, like an egyptian statue, sitting all symmetrically with two paws perfectly tucked under. when i walked over to it, it let out this meow that sounded like some kind of broken electronic clock chime. BRAUUUUU. i should go back just to get some shots of it.

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