Sunday, November 1, 2009

so my dog has a tumor. the vet is concerned by how fast it's grown and recommends that it come off immediately & be tested to see if it's malignant or not. fuck! when i took him in for it last month, the vet said not to worry, that it was just a bite or scratch that had gotten infected, and to put some antibiotics on it.

last month:


he told me that even if it were malignant, issues with tumors like this are usually taken care of with the removal. no spreading. but then, he also told me it was a bug bite. i hate to put vaughn under anesthesia because vets are often underskilled or understaffed when it comes to monitoring the animal's condition under the anesthetic throughout the procedure, making sure they don't "slip away," which, according to my paranoid googling, happens all the time. that's why i have refused to have his unusually gross teeth (for his age & massive milkbone consumption) cleaned by the vet. can't risk it!

so anyway, i'll probably have it done at the end of this coming week. poor doggle!

speaking of poor doggles, i am totally calling the sheriff's office on my grandma's neighbors tomorrow. i suppose the only good thing about arpaio is his alleged rampage against animal cruelty. i have not researched whether this is just a spectacle or whether he really is making things happen. anyway, i think the neighbors are beating the dog. he used to be robust, barking and raising hell all the time. he was annoying! now he just slinks through their backyard like a little shadow, never barking, flinching at any sudden movements and acting like a broken thing. he's also totally underfed, way too thin. god damn people. hopefully the agency will actually send someone out. i guess if nothing happens, i could get all ALF on their asses and cut a hole in the chain link fence with some wire cutters, then abduct him and take him to a no-kill shelter. i can't add to my barnyard, but he's sweet and good looking and probably wouldn't languish long before someone adopted him.


Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

602-997-7585 is the # i used to call on my neighbors. FUCK I hate that shit. if you need help stealing the dog let me know. I'm all about that. People suck and it makes me SO mad (can you tell?HA) what kind of dog is it?

Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

oh, and sorry to hear about your dog. maybe you can take the doggy to a diff vet and see what they say as well?

boudledidge said...

cool, thanks for the #. he looks like a boxer/pit mix to me, very cute and sweet. i've got my eye on them, i'll let you know if he needs to be stolen! hah