Tuesday, November 3, 2009

who knew sonny barger was such a piece of ass?

i have a couple of his books but somehow have yet to read them. i was working at changing hands when one of them came out. sonny arrived for the book-signing with a blonde on either arm and two behemoth meathead bodyguards, and it was STILL kind of underwhelming! it was a very awkward signing. he seemed pretty put out by the whole thing. either way, it was entertaining enough to see him at changing hands, of all places. the baddest guy around, seated at a folding table in the hippiest, earth-motheriest, most granola place ever.

my dad used to go for drinks at the cave creek clubhouse's bar. i want to go! i'm sure photos are ~not allowed~
he told me he was there as a meeting was about to start once. guys streamed in with hands full of cash which they laid onto the bar one by one. club dues. i wonder how much they have to pay. evidently the HA is the moneyed dirtbag's gang - not everyone can afford to be a brother and often have to look elsewhere for less expensive clubs to join. fringe bike gang castes! hilarious.

either way, i'd hit it (then)

but i seem to have an unhealthy interest in terrible people. damn! better luck next time, i guess.

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