Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a series of captioned photos from around.

dad. two weeks ago.

i think my friend's kid is a super genius, mostly because i've noticed that most other kids her age should probably be in a state facility. she's 4. she looks you in the eye and says things like, "i'm a big fan of r2d2" and "you should come to the house some time."

i talk a lot of shit at work. the sign was put up to ward me off, not the other way around.

the iphone camera really fails with the close-up. IT'S A SPROUT. ALREADY. i had low expectations for these seeds because they are old. these are some bachelor buttons that i picked up while buying lots of blue things. i haven't done the seeds thing in years due to upheaval, so now i am OVERJOYEDDDDD.

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