Thursday, August 19, 2010

hey, baby.

this is one of my favorite songs ever.

i think i read somewhere that bruce channel's harmonica inspired lennon's harmonica in love me do.

after my parents divorced, my dad moved in with a friend, jonny. jonny was a tall, thin redhead with big hair and a boyish midwestern charm. as far as i knew then and know now, they were just friends, but i doubt that. jonny worked at a series of good old country bars, including the brass rail i think, or the hitching post. she lived in a large midcentury ranch style which she kept very cold, and very dark. she had a phone booth, a pool table, a pinball machine, and a jukebox, all of which were old. i was seven; to me it was a strange and sophisticated theme park for adults.

despairing at the jukebox selection (all old country! no new kids or paula abdul anywhere!*) i played the same songs by the only artists i knew - the beatles and elvis - until jonny tired of this and decided to school me in classic country and obscure 50s and 60s pop. thank god. "hey baby" was her favorite song and it soon became mine for the frequency of it all. after i got tired of inventing one-person pool table games and tilting the pinball machine, we'd dance around the living room to it.

it's still the best, every time.

*listen, it was 1989. i don't have to explain myself.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

nice...didn't buddy holly do this as well? i love old music.

mle jean said...

this song reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing. I love that movie.