Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100% illumination

i am trying to be more measured with my reactions, and this is a good reminder. in fact i'm just going to hide out in my den and continue to be happy with small and simple, authentic experiences.

definitely need some more piscean advice. why evaluate everything? just make some art, fucking relax, hang out, write, watch let's scare jessica to death for the 4th time in a month and rewind/replay the raptly uncomfortable scene when emily's bony white hand caresses the trembling face of jessica, you know, do whatever.

close your eyes and watch


here is the oldest known surviving photo of the moon. there were earlier daguerreotypes, but they were sadly lost in separate house fires the century before last. so there's just this. samuel humphrey took nine exposures one night in september, 1849. so this is a 161 year old harvest moon. i hope it was a good month, because e.a.poe died that october.

of course things have never been the same.


mle jean said...

cool photos.
are you a pisces too?

B said...

nope, i'm a leo.

Leora said...

Insane. Everything you post is so up my alley.

B said...

uh oh. internet twins!