Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OH finally something good has happened in this dreadful-ass week:

chad ziemendorf / the chronicle

chad ziemendorf / the chronicle

michael macor / the chronicle

Fuck you, Prop 8.

Funny days when I read blurbs by the Terminator as well as Laura Bush and nod in agreement, but I suppose that goes to show how black and white the rights and the wrongs in this situation actually are.

Remember No Gays for a Day? Greatest op-ed of '08. So glad to see a close for such sentiments (in California), though, at least for now.

"No Gays for a Day will demonstrate what it would be like if -- as so much of the non-coastal U.S. seems to desire -- gays just disappeared. You may not even know who all your daily gays are, so there's no predicting the impact. "

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