Saturday, August 28, 2010

earlier, it was raining while the sun shone bright and hot. witchy weather! now it's gray and the rain is coming down in fat, cold drops. i am listening to the mediaeval baebes because i have gone back to the 90s, never to return.

so i am taking this genealogy class which has caused me to go through some scans i made of various old and super-old family photos.

this guy looks so much like my dad that, as a child, i was convinced that he WAS my dad dressed up for one of those old west photo sets. it's actually my great-grandfather tom monaghan at work in the dakotas.

a curious stereoscopic. i can't tell who they are.

edwardian babe katherine monaghan with a younger sibling.

my grandma alyce, the most important person in my life now and ever.

will rogers, skeletor, and baby mary claire.

my grandmother's prized pink cadillac.

the 80s spared no one. look at those assholes smoking in my grandma's house. my aunt julie and my mom.



Fashion Serial Killer said...

these are great. you are lucky to have a pice of your family's past like that. I don't think I have any pics of my Dad's side that old.. some of my Mom's but not many.

the rain was AWESOME! we had lil waterfalls and mini ponds behind our house.. took a looong hike.

theselvedgeyard said...

So who's in the last pic?

B said...

JP - none other. I'm no longer missing teeth, though.

theselvedgeyard said...

Noice. There seems to be a pyrotechnic laser show action happening, love that.