Friday, January 22, 2010

o no wayyy

When I look west towards downtown (from the 6th floor) ... I don't see pollution. NO POLLUTION. Not even the faintest lingering haze, none! Crystal clear! Inconceivable!

Thanks, tornado! See very poor-quality phone pic through dirty window for evidence:

No way! Today we will breathe the air that people came to Phoenix for 100 years ago. And then get cancer because all of the pollution is now in the groundwater. wah wah wahhhhh


wool and misc said...

that's amazing! everything feels so fresh. where do you work?

Brittany said...

Yeah, today was singularly gorgeoussss. Too bad it was a Friday and not a Saturday. I work on 44th St & Thomas. And no, not at Bombshells. hah!