Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Field guide to the loner," Hardly a field guide, but at least a sympathetic overview.

There's not much I'd disagree with in there. Luckily, I can't speak for the "enforced loner," but I have found that solitary time absolutely affects my levels of happiness and placidity. Constantly having to socialize and interact is so draining. I almost feel that I have to live alone just to balance out the unseemly amount of time that I spend at work, constantly surrounded by people, constantly having to behave with an air of diplomacy and discretion.

I am also interested by what the article really delicately describes as a heightened sense of empathy or attunement to the trials of others, but what I would more casually describe as hypersensitivity. Yes, it does have its graces, such AS the extreme empathy and frequent ability to identify when others are in silent crisis, but! It also carries with it anxiety, paranoia, and the assumption that every output from others towards oneself has some sort of pointed, deeper meaning. If those findings are correct and I can assume that more outgoing people are more or less dulled by their high ratio of interactions, ie things are not as big a deal as they seem, well...my life has just gotten easier. It's kind of a huge thing to consider, but again nothing that I can really take for granted or apply easily.

Anyway, the greatest part to living alone is not the peace, or the quiet, but the free rein to indulge all of one's total fucking weirdness with complete abandon. I just did a quick scan of anything strange I may have done recently, and I guess it doesn't sound that weird. Dancing, turning the heat way up in order to be at least partially nude in comfort, ad libbing the cat's name into popular songs of the day (kittle wants to know love is! she wants you to showwww her!), all pretty standard fare.

In other news, I love this font.

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WoMpY said...

Alone time Is precious. And, output from those who do not care about you does not matter. No big deal, no small deal.