Friday, April 20, 2012


We should always listen to music from the era we are writing about.  Because it helps, or whatever. 

We should not, however, then start watching 20 clips of Barry Lyndon on Youtube while the paper rots over in Word.  I should make a Y U NO rage comic about this.

In other news, it is really weird to see Youtube comments, also known as the scourge of the universe, arguing about the provenance of Baroque compositions.  "No u FUCK! the music is French. The style of it is French. Just look at Chopin's Pollonnaise March. It is VERY VERY VERY French."

That made me happy.  The internet is so full of people that sometimes you can't even see the nerds anymore. 

Back to work. This paper is about whether a guy lied about where he was born in his 18th century autobiography. In a rare display of passion, the historians against the argument are saying that the ones for the argument are lying propagandist dicks who are probably racist. My mind-blowing take on all of this is that it doesn't matter where he was born.  The paper is called
"Who Cares: Seriously."

Watch out for it in volume 20 of the journal, "Are Historians Even Alive? A Cardiologist's Review".

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