Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sometimes I miss Livejournal

For the comedy that's in it.  You can't beat the commenting setup.  It's just ripe for showing off like a cheap Lorelai-Rory Gilmore comedy sideshow. Too bad fools be deleting their journals like they have shit to hide! 

Reading my childhood internet journals is probably a good thing to do while in school, when I begin to feel overly disgusted at all of the baby antics on campus, and angry at all of the dumb kids in tight jeans, Bieber hair, and orange Wayfarers, smoking moodily next to the Pepsi machine while texting simultaneously.  I just want to be like, wait, what year were you born?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Does your mom know you smoke?  Get the fuck out of here!

But then again, that characterization might be incorrect.  It's also my belief that 10 year olds entertain themselves with keg parties and blowjob contests, so maybe I'm all wrong with that style of burn. 

Anyway, reading my 04-05 Livejournal does remind me that I, too, sometimes posted song lyrics (meant to impart some kind of deep truth), or wrote posts with titles like "OMG LIKE WUT" which by all appearances seem to be about the combined themes of failed love affairs and the fact that Stinkweeds would not buy a cd that I felt they should have.  I wrote almost every day, about almost anything.  Writing every day IS a good thing, but eh yeah.  Now I have endless documentation of obscure jokes with friends that I can barely understand anymore.  I am almost too old to decipher younger-me's code.  This seems like a thing.

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