Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nature rules!

I saw my first jackrabbit today!  I mean, irls.  I didn't realize that I had never seen one with mine own eyes until one galloped across my path and I froze: what the fuck is that, a fucking antelope?  fuck, dude!

They're bigger than I thought.  Possibly not the most adorable of all rabbits. 

The one good thing about having to walk a quarter mile of trail to get to a bathroom at Tovrea (the house is not connected to city sewage and it would apparently cost a trillion dollars to do it) is it forces one to walk all of those nice paths. 

The gardens really are amazing.  Right now, the botanical glory of the site is just a footnote of the tour, which I think is weak and which I believe will be fixed eventually.  Even being from this exact part of the desert, I still find myself feeling a bit awed by the landscape, and I stop every ten feet to observe something new and beautiful.  There are tons of animals around, rabbits, and quail, and cactus wrens, and squirrels, lizards, oh and the feral dogs from the river bottom.  Apparently there was one on the property yesterday, but I didn't see it.

A security guard reported seeing a mountain lion on the site a few years ago.  Amaaazing!

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