Sunday, April 29, 2012

Olde Towne Scottsdale

Preserved forever in its heyday of weird midcentury rustic glory by Nina Leen.  

It's hard to notice underneath the layers of modern advertising and offensive people, but a good job has been done in preserving the old storefronts of the Old Town area.  Most of these spots are immediately recognizable.  So, it is possible here...but only in cute, touristy areas.  Huh.

This seems like the kind of picture that would make me lonesome for the desert.  It already does, kind of.

I like that guy's style.  If you really loved your horse, you'd bring him inside.  And so many ribbons!  I wish I had some horse ribbons.  That I won competitively.  ugh, now I feel unfulfilled.

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