Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taxidermy I

A pretty nice Victorian-era taxidermied goldfinch. The finch looks like it's in great condition. I love finches! And all birds.

Trapdoor spiders! I was very concerned about trapdoor spiders as a kid but haven't thought of them since. I used to look for them in our yard, more with an air of prevention than anything. This is an amazing and terrifying listing. There is a preserved spider in one of the nests! Looking like some tucked-up cords of hairy evil in there. Actually, it looks like a fried soft-shell crab. Trapdoor spiders are so insidously ingenious, I still have a mental clip of footage of one lunging out of its little tube to apprehend some other creature. It plays in slo-mo in my mind; it is still scary.

An unfortunate little Italian Greyhound from A Case of Curiosities. This is a pretty excellent site of charming taxidermy pieces and fascinating repairs she's done to some really old ones.

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