Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parlor Photos

The back of this stereoscope says "Aunt Josephine Robillard," so I assume she is my great-great aunt as this item came from my great-grandmother's collection. I love indoor photos of this era. There is so much crazy clutter, you see photos and memorabilia tacked all over the place and it's fun to zoom in and check it all out. I do recognize the woman in the photo above her right shoulder as my great-grandmother Celina Robillard. Although there is so much never to be known, I suppose it is decent that I know what I do about these people.

I traced these Robillards to Montreal and no farther, although by the time this photo was taken, my branch was in Spearfish, South Dakota. My grandmother was the original Gone with the Wind fan in our family and, when discussing her mother's family, would always toss in that "we" were Robillards just like Scarlett's mother Ellen O'Hara had been. I just nodded soberly; it was true. When I was very young and before I had read the book, I took that comment to mean that the characters in the story were real and that we were related to them.


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