Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bought this awesome bronze & agate necklace from Gather Jewelry recently and love it.

High quality workmanship with pleasing bits of detail as not evidenced by the unusually poor iphone pic.

The store always has some super sweet items, like this! Being on a home-purchasing budget is unfortunate. Tempted to get it anyway, as budgeting is so ESTABLISHMENT! Wait, no it's not. Binge-purchasing the whole store and then asking someone to help me out of my money woes at their cost would be the establishment thing to do...hmm...complex times...

Leora has a great blog here, as well. Gather Things

Pictures stolen from the store.


Abyssus said...

holy crap, I love that necklace.

Leora said...

Awesome, thanks dude! You make that necklace look GOOD!