Thursday, November 4, 2010

slap me on the patio

I used to wear craft glitter like this on my face; eyes and cheekbones. Oh, how the neighbors looked. Things were easier then, I would laugh at them. I thought it looked fantastic.

I was going to make a post about my friend Anita's incredible photography after being inspired by another shot of Albuquerque, but it looks like she's let her flickr lapse and so I can't link my favorites. This iphone shot will have to do. I love storms and goldenrod AND zinnias.

I am all about druzies right now. There's so much incredible stuff on etsy. I kept trying to narrow my choices to 10, 5, 3. I wish I knew who made this ring.

Terribly celestial, no. Here. More incredibleness,


Amazing. Here.

Augh! Here.

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FSK said...

pretty jewels..ff