Wednesday, November 17, 2010

because the world is cruel!

remember 1985? i don't, but "first and last and always" came out then. i love the sisters of mercy. how i love andrew eldritch's ridiculously deep voice, tremulous with feigned emotion in an eventually heart-rending song about a casual encounter with someone whose name he'd rather never know. VLAH

"i could wait a long, long time before i hear another lovesong." tell it. is this guy even alive still? wait - i don't want to know.

poor angry man.


Anonymous said...
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Fashion Serial Killer said...

I still laugh when I think about the time I saw The Sisters of Mercy with Public Enemy at Popular Creek Music Theater in IL! HA.. I also remember my best friends Grandma seeing me in the concert shirt and thinking that was the Catholic School I went to "The Sisters of Mercy" he he

B said...

hah cindy my grandma said the same thing about my sisters shirt!