Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i'm sorry but

no more words in the blog. just youtube links. so sry. i am so not in the mood, or i am so into editing that my finger is constantly pressed on a delete key. wherever i am, whatever i do, delete. unfortunately this does not apply to "real life" in which i do things like snap at my pregnant boss after which she cries (CRIES) and people look at me.

i love this song, so much. siamese twins from the pornography album. remember when blood flowers was going to come out and everyone was so thrilled to pieces because RS kept saying it would be like a cross between pornography and disintegration? oh my god what a liar. firstly, there is no crossing those two, what the fuck? they're completely incompatible, people just like them best. secondly, pornography is from 1980. THEY WEREN'T THE SAME PEOPLE ANYMORE. IS THIS TOO DETAILED? thirdly, blood flowers was awful times and i couldn't accept it and never went back. luckily there are like 15 other cure albums to choose from and innumerable b-sides to listen to instead.

i would have to say that pornography is my favorite cure album. #2, "show," the live album from the wish tour. we'll leave it at that.

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