Saturday, October 9, 2010

melt! siouxsie retropective comprised of five songs.

thinking about siouxsie lately thanks to TSY's latest or latestish post about westwood & 70s british punk fashion shenanigans.

sometimes i forget that she's some kind of cleopatra-akasha goddess, alive but made of marble, glorious and severe and compelling.

unfortches i cannot find any of the personally iconic photos of siouxsie that i counted with my eyes like rosary beads when i needed a little reinforcement back then. isn't it funny how kids deify people? i stumbled upon the blog of some 13 year old who counts (her quote) bowie and robert smith as her patron gods. it is cute and dumb and makes me jealous all at once to be able to create and live in your own little universe like that, undisturbed by outside concerns, a complete refuge made of frozen pupils and smeared lipstick.

actually, poppy z. brite addresses this teen state of psycho-love really well in lost souls. i think she is a little too outre to get proper credit for being a creative master of description, taking you to her place whether you want to go or not, and then freezing that moment in your brain for the rest of your life. obviously i am still returning on occasion. she is among the few writers to give me a physical response. that is sort of my high water mark for otherworldly incredibleness. the curious may know that the two other writers who have done this to me were EAP and anais nin. he shocked me (the black cat - but i was young, never re-read to make sure) and she made me want to throw up (birth, from under a glass bell...still upsets me).

if you are a fan, PZB is a fairly prolific livejournaler here: i stop there once in a while, but it was a particularly epic read during and following hurricane katrina, as she lives in new orleans and has all the violent visceral love/defense for the place that you would figure. really my only complaint is she talks about foie gras a lot and as you can imagine, this offends my hysterical animal-luv tendencies. i don't give a shit if other people eat meat, and you will never hear me making some shrill-ass vegetarian bitch comment to anyone about any of that because frankly i don't care and no one listens anyway, HOWEVER, foie gras is not fucking ok.
there; i said it.

i believe the internet has voted this best live performance in general, ever. i have posted it before. WATCH IT AGAIN.

this is a pretty good song but was never a favorite when i was actively listening to siouxsie. now i am in love with it. i generally find my favorite bands' earliest efforts to be my favorites. maybe they are less tainted by goals and expectations and management. i don't find this to be the case with the banshees. in fact i like the later stuff a bit more than the earlier stuff, which is a little jangly for me and just reminds me of foggy underaged goth club times. see: red light. actually, i do love that song, it's the stuff as from juju (everyone else's favorite) that i feel quite whatev about with some exceptions.

i really liked the rapture. this is from that:

melt! from a kiss in the dreamhouse. why do i keep making qualifications about not liking some siouxsie eras? that's fucking retarded. this song is incredible. dang. i feel a mega siouxsie jag coming on (even more) and me having destroyed my car ipod thing. like, fuck.

oh god i forgot how great this cover is:


Fashion Serial Killer said...

i used to listen to her ALL the time, I was only able to see The Creatures tho. Damn it, I'm so mad that I don't have all my old concert shirts, i'm such an asshole!

B said...

sweet, i saw the creatures too, with john cale in '97 or '98 or something. is that the tour you saw also? they were at gibson's or something.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

no, this was at a Lollapalooza in the outskirts of Chicago.. I don't remember what year tho? It was the 1st Lollapalooza maybe?