Sunday, October 10, 2010


this video kind of fixes my life. but only for two minutes! - she has disallowed embedding. fascist. but it's the best quality version on youtube.


"Here is some priceless footage of George watching the Beatles performing 'This Boy' from years before." sidenote, his child looks exactly like him. exactly exactly. I really love George's obvious enjoyment and mirth at watching the then seemingly older-than-dirt video of a past life, and singing along and all. I just love him.

oh &

i really like the name julia, and it is probably because of this song. this song makes me think of this picture, of pretty dark-haired edwardian girls spending the day at a seaside carnival, swimming in their heavy bathing costumes.

i have a paper to write, still. today. FML. i hate this fucking fucking fucking class. it's actually fairly informative blah blah blah, but i have to read excessively for it and i just do not want to. it is very dry. i am writing about article 27 of the mexican constitution, and the pros/cons of "diplomatic recognition". super fuck that. i just want to eat in bed and look at pictures of george harrison from the mid seventies on my day offfff aaahhhhh is that so much to ask!

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mle jean said...

that does make things better for a little bit. boy what I would do to get stuck in a room with Sean and Dhani.