Saturday, October 16, 2010

just because you have a sixth finger...

what a sweet little dulcimer. and poor anne. my interest in english history is as follows: romans, tudor melodrama, and "haunted" sites. i have always had a special interest in anne boleyn based on her entry in "how did they die?" a grocery store paperback that i read as a kid. it told of her soberly steel nerves on the scaffold when the executioner, probably freaked out at having to murder la boleyn, missed on his first stroke. he cut the top of her head. anne said, allegedly, "please try again."

another reason i am interested in anne is because she was simply too much of an intense bitch to be queen to henry. she was opinionated, spoke out of turn, had an explosive temper, and constantly meddled in affairs of state. the vivacity and individualism that made her so fascinating to henry in turn caused him to hate her when she became his wife. oh the ironies of life.

lady jane seymour, the only one he considered to be his "true" wife. she died from complications of childbirth and is rumored to have been the prettiest queen in the stable, though that isn't saying much. she was pale, blonde, conservative and terribly catholic. i am thinking of angela from the office. she banished all traces of showy, lavish anne from hampton court and taught henry to embroider, about which he became particularly enthusiastic. the people liked jane, and henry officially mourned her for three years instead of his standard week and a half.

Ask Henry. this website is mildly amusing and painstakingly historically accurate as only a batshit historian can maintain. you may address questions to king henry and he will respond.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

i just saw something on her and read up about it more (saw that recent movie with Scarlett as well) and now I can't remember what it was that I saw on her duh.

B said...

the other boleyn girl? was it good?