Wednesday, October 6, 2010

black moon

hoo boy, new moon tomorrow. i mark the passage of time by this cycle, because what else am i going to use? the seasons and months are different in the desert. most notably, THEY FUCKING SUCK, it's feast or famine. 7 months of kill-yourself heat followed by 5 months of glitteringly beautiful leafy green chilly days.

yes, there is an app for that. this is an image of the current moon as it appears from my particular latitude and longitude. it is the tiniest sliver ever because it's new and black and obfuscated by the bracken of space. this is a good app. apparently it has a "werewolf warning," which i have turned on, but haven't experienced yet. i assume i'll get a small alarm on the next full moon suggesting i take care when wandering through the woods at night.

not necessarily for preternatural creature worries, but i need more of these outlook reminders for life. they keep my days (mostly) punctuated by efficiency and timeliness while my personal life completely unravels afterhours and i can't even remember to pay my fucking bills online.

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