Tuesday, July 20, 2010

venerable family photos

farm dogs and cats of percival, ia. 1930s and 40s.

i like iowa because my grandma was from there. i believe it is the flattest place i have ever been. visiting some cousins there was like visiting the 1940s. we went to the house where my grandma and her 10 siblings were born, a lovely yet prim white victorian with gingerbread and hand-turned wood posts everywhere, and a widow's walk. there is nothing around it but fields and fields and fields.

my great-aunt was living there at the time. as in a time capsule, she had nothing in there but a radio (old), a telephone (one, mounted to the kitchen wall), and a 40 year-old tv. when we laughed, incredulous, she said, "...what? the man asked if i wanted a satellite dish. i said NO!!!" she fixed the simplest, homiest meal ever, which we ate at the 100 year old mahogany dining table. after dinner, we walked the dirt roads and my cousin and i found and contemplated the creek (the crik) from which we were admonished to stay away due to water moccasins. there is nothing more wrong than a water-dwelling snake.

and there is nothing more right than photographing a dog in a hat. points if it is a graduation cap, extra points if it's the graduation cap of the first woman in that family ever to finish high school.

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