Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm sorry to use internet slang on you,

jane looking defiant

I tried to watch Bright Star yesterday. It's about that time John Keats fell in love with Fanny Brawne and then died. It is, so awful. I had to turn it off. It's the kind of movie I'd make if my goal was to cultivate interest in the English Romantics among the 16 year old hipster crowd. While that is probably a noble cause, I am far too old and...old to suffer such bullshit.

Fanny: John, I decided that poetry is like pretty rad! Especially yours!
John: OMG you're probably like the first hot girl to read Endymion LOLOL

Only Kate Beaton is capable of summarizing the absurdity of this movie. I wish she would. I would email her about it, but a blog post and an email is just too much.

The only reason I feel so shocked is because I like Jane Campion an awful lot, and The Piano, you know. One of my favorites.


theselvedgeyard said...

So it was your Carrington?

B said...

It was! Definitely one to walk out on.

theselvedgeyard said...