Thursday, July 15, 2010

John Adams

Incredible series from HBO a couple of years ago. I didn't really give a shit about Paul Giamatti or Laura Linney prior to the show and now I am in love with them. I didn't really give a shit about John Adams, either. I have never paid any special attention to the American Revolutionary period, which was an unfortunate choice now that I've researched a very small amount and have read some of T.J.'s letters and all. He's our Nostradamus, predicting epic crises hundreds of years before they occurred, probably because it is - or at one time was - a matter of common sense that unchecked privilege and power tend to be rather corruptive agents, particularly in the banking and religious industries. Well, whatever. On to the tv.

We had a giant Gadsden flag in the garage growing up and I never knew what the hell it was supposed to mean.

I'm re-watching the series. Learning is fun, no? It's sort of a buzzkill, however, when everything I learn is INFURIATING! Like reading 210 year old letters and thinking, Yeah! This *is* fucked up! Or reading accounts of tribal councils from the 1850s in which the Feds told Natives that they were sent by god (The Great Spirit - they got wise to the colloquialisms) and god said to please accept this jar of buttons in exchange for the land stretching between the delta and the buttes. Well, whatever.

Oh, and the guy who plays George Washington in the show? Awesommme. I like to think that he is just like the real G.W.; larger than life, imposing, terrifying, yet harboring such quietsecretconcerns and regrets. It's all too fuckin awesome.

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