Saturday, April 24, 2010

There was a '62 Comet for sale several months back that I keep thinking about now. It needed an engine and my dad talked me out of it, asking why I would want a "schoolteacher econo-box" like that when there are so many badass cars in this world.

But I think the Comet is just plain awesome and perhaps one day I will find an S-22, no econo-box there.

Like this one. :(

It is. So awesome. Here's this particular car's story.

I am impatiently waiting to get over this awful cold. I have cleaned parts of my house, taken two naps, watched Mr. Skeffington (not great, don't know why Bette got the Oscar nod for this not that I would begrudge her ANYTHING), plowed through half of House of Abraham, and painted my nails (on one hand - two is too much).


Fashion Serial Killer said...

love love love old cars. old men, old bikes, old music, old clothes. HA! I'd like a Fury, Falcon, Coronet.. the list goes on. Get better SOON!

mle jean said...

oh that car is a beauty. I want one like that too, maybe a dodge dart or something, one day... Hope you are feeling better!