Monday, April 19, 2010

She likes to be threaded

I watched Belle du Jour for the first time recently. Oh my godddd Pierre Clementi. He's uncouth and brash and arrogant, whip thin, rude, and carrying a long cane, all of which works to neutralize (or complement, I dont know) the high cheekbones and girlish face. Like I said somewhere else on the internet, it's all fucked up gold teeth and little waistcoats from here on out.

Catherine Deneuve is so fronsh. I first saw her in The Hunger, which I love very much, and on a sidenote I think she was looking better in the 80s than she did in the 60s. Her character's style had an effect on me, and I filed it away for later consideration as I age. I don't think any twentysomething can pull off her offhandedly sophisticated Eurocentric sexiness, all orderly chignons and sheer stockings (cmon, it was the 80s) and little suits with YSL scarves. Interestingly, YSL dressed Deneuve for every scene in Belle du Jour and it shows. Maybe the best part about her in the movie, in my opinion. Here they are together.

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